12 Week Transformation



  • Just 12 weeks to a new you!

  • Do you want to drop a few kgs? Or does your lifestyle need a complete overhaul?

  • Our 12 week programs are tailored to your nutrition needs and current fitness levels from beginners to advanced. These step-by-step programs guarantee your success.





12 Week Transformation (ONLINE)    ...$149      


  • Nutrition: 12 week Mint Menu
  • Exercise: 12 week cardio & strength Home program
  • Education: 'knowledge is power' emails




  OPTION 2:  **Save over $400!!**

  12 Week Transformation (STUDIO)    ...$599 or $49.95/wk


  • Nutrition: 12 week Mint Menu (value $120)
  • Exercise: 12 week cardio & strength Home Program
  • Education: 'knowledge is power' emails


  • 24 x Small Group Personal Training (Studio Sessions value $720)
  • 1 x BioAge Analysis & Report (normally $150)
  • 3 x Body Measurements






Two Studio Transformations for just $999!

Training with a friend is both motivational and fun! Support each other along your transformation journey ensuring you both get the results you deserve!


What's included?

  • MINT MENU: is an individually tailored food plan. You'll receive 3 x 4 week meal plans (Fat Blaster, Weightloss and Maintenance) - including a weekly shopping list, recipes, eating 6 times daily and cheat meals! All tailored to your specific calorific needs - we calculate your Basal Metabolic Rate and also consider your activity levels and weight loss goals. The menu is updated every 4 weeks depending on your progress. For more information and examples of our Mint Menu, visit our nutrition page.
  • HOME EXERCISE PROGRAM: choose from Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. These are updated monthly and will include regular cardiovascular exercise sessions (up to 5) and 2 strength sessions per week. Your programs will be emailed directly to you.This is ideal if you are unable to attend Mint sessions; however for superior results, the studio option matches this with Mint's Studio Sessions.
  • EDUCATION: because knowledge is power! There's a lot of confusing information about your health, so we're here to put the record straight. This isn't just about the next 12 weeks - it's important that you can make healthy decisions so you continue to look and feel great long term. 
  • STUDIO SESSIONS: come along to our Nth Fremantle Studio and enjoy your choice of Studio Sessions (BoxFit / CardioBlast / ToneUp / TRX) - flexible online booking options. Our Specialist Women's Personal Trainer will motivate you through our 30 minute High Intensity Interval Training sessions. And with just 1-4 women per session you'll get all the attention you need! For more information visit our Studio Session page.
  • BIOAGE: ever wondered how old your body really is? Improving your wellbeing isn't just about looking great from the outside, it's important to know what's happening to your health on the inside too. BioAge measures include blood sugar, cholesterol & triglyceride analyses, lung function, blood pressure, BMI, fitness and VO2 Max, core strength, flexibility, nutritional and lifestyle factors including stress. All this creates a carefully calculated biological 'age' and determines what changes you need to make for your body's health. For more information visit our BioAge page.
  • BODY MEASUREMENTS: You'll be measured when you start and at the end of your 12 weeks to see how much you've achieved! Our Personal Trainer will also measure you every 4 weeks throughout your transformation to help keep you on track!