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  • Experienced Senior Physiotherapists focused on achieving outstanding patient outcomes
  • No referral necessary
  • Private Health Fund Rebates processed immediately (HICAPS)
  • Longer appointment times - we take time to ensure your long term success
  • Flexible appointment times - book online
  • Xrays, ultrasounds, scans can be referred by our physiotherapists and we can access your results quickly
  • Direct referral to Sports Medicine Physicians available. We can also liaise with your GP.


Our Mint physio's will help you attain the best possible physical condition so you can participate in life at full capacity. This includes improving your pain, as well as finding and correcting any underlying causes, to prevent the pain from returning. Rather than simply going for a 'quick fix', we will take the time to provide you with the solutions you need to enjoy life pain-free.
Make an appointment today for:
  • Musculoskeletal & Spinal Pain Physiotherapy - whether it's back pain, neck pain or any joint pain, our physiotherapists are highly skilled in diagnosing your condition and formulating a treatment plan for your longterm benefit.
  • Sports Injury Physiotherapy - we can get you back on the field / court / pool faster, and ensure you remain injury free. We also have extensive experience rehabilitating players after surgery.
  • Vertigo & Dizziness Physiotherapy - our Principal Physiotherapist Amber has undergone additional training to complement her experience treating vertigo. Did you know 80% of BPPV (the most common form of vertigo) can be fixed with just 1-2 physio sessions!
  • Pregnancy & Postnatal Physiotherapy Care (including pelvic girdle and low back pain, abdominal separation rehab, ultrasound treatment for blocked milk ducts / mastitis and laser therapy for nipple trauma caused by breastfeeding). All women require a postnatal physio assessment, after their medical check (6 wk appointment with Obstetrician / GP).
  • Pelvic Floor - Obstetric & Gynae Physiotherapy - Urinary Incontinence & Urgency, Prolapse, Pre & Postnatal, Pre & Post surgical
  • Clinical Pilates
  • Paediatric Physiotherapy - babies with torticollis (tight neck, turned head), plagiocephaly & brachiocephaly (flat spot on bub's head).
  • Children & Teenager Musculoskeletal Assessment - improve your child's sporting performance, quickly rehab injuries & assess their 'growing pains'.
  • Running Analysis - an in-depth video assessment of your running style to improve your performance and efficiency. This biomechanical analysis will also provide insight into your pain & injuries. Our physiotherpist will provide corrections and exercises to ensure you're running at your very best.
  • Surgery & Rehabilitation Physiotherapy - orthopaedic surgeries (eg hip replacements, knee reconstructions, shoulder rotator cuff repairs, spinal surgery) require specific rehabilitation to ensure you achieve the best surgical outcomes. Our Senior Physiotherapist has extensive experience rehabilitating the patients of surgeons at St John of God Hospital Murdoch. We can also provide rehabilitation for abdominal muscles after surgery - even small incisions ('keyhole surgery') can affect the way your muscles work until they are specifically strengthened under a physiotherapist's guidance.
  • 'Core' Assessment - what is your 'core'? Are you overactive, underactive, is it impacting your body? Our experienced Physiotherapists are also highly skilled with our Real Time Ultrasound technology - an ultrasound on your abdomen, where we can see your pelvic floor and other deep abdominals. We can assess if you're using these appropriately and whether they are contributing to any of your 'conditions' e.g. pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse), hip or back pain.


It is not necessary for you to visit your doctor before seeing a Physiotherapist; however sometimes your doctor may specifically ask you to visit a Physio for your condition. Our Physiotherapist will always liase with your doctor, and with your permission will keep them up to date with your progress.
You will require a referral from your GP if you are claiming for:
  • Worker's Compensation injury
  • Motor Vehicle Accident
  • Department of Veteran's affairs
  • Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care for Chronic Disease Management

mint physiotherapists:
Physiotherapist Clinical Pilates Instructor
Available Mon-Fri afternoon/evenings and alternate Saturdays.    Rebecca is an accomplished Physio, able to treat many conditions, however she has advanced training / a special interest in:
Chronic Pain - overcoming persistent or widespread pain to improve your health Spine - especially back pain Musculoskeletal - especially shoulder pain Sports injuries - especially dance, swimming, martial arts Work related injuries Post-operative rehab We're very excited to announce Rebecca's Masters research has been selected to be published in The Scandinavian Journal of Pain in 2018. This is a prestigious accomplishment and is testament to her commitment to the profession - always striving to find the most effective ways to help our patients achieve their best. Congratulations Rebecca! 
Rebecca joined the Mint team with experience working as a Physiotherapist in the UK and around Australia (Perth, Sydney and the Pilbarra). Upon returning to her hometown Perth in 2016, she's now very much a North Freo local!


In addition to her undergraduate physiotherapy degree, Rebecca is currently completing postgraduate studies - a Masters degree in Clinical Physiotherapy at Curtin University. She has a particular interest in persistent pain conditions ('chronic pain'), and enjoys keeping up-to-date on the emerging research in this field. 


Her outstanding clinical knowledge has allowed her opportunities to treat a variety of clientele including elite athletes, children with disabilities and workplace injured clients. Rebecca has vast experience working in the community including as a Netball NSW State Team Physiotherapist, WA Amateur Football Clubs, NSW national level swimmers, professional muay thai and jujitsu competitors and more. Rebecca has a love for dancing and a passion for working with dancers to both manage and prevent injuries.


Rebecca has an exceptional academic record and brings her passion for evidence-based treatment to every client.


BSc Physiotherapy

MClinPhysio (Musculoskeletal) - currently completing

Professional Memberships:

Australian Physiotherapy Association  |  National Pain Network  |  Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association



AHPRA Registration  | LASER License - Radiation Council of WA  | Senior First Aid



Travers, M., Moss, P., Gibson, W., Hince, D., Yorke, S., Chung, C., Langford, R., Tan, E., Ng, J., Palsson, T. (2017) Exercise-induced hypoalgesia in women with varying levels of menstrual pain. Accepted to be published in the Scandinavian Journal of Pain in 2018.

All treatments are eligible for Private Health Fund rebates. EPC, DVA & Worker's Compensation accepted.

Principal Physiotherapist
Clinical Pilates Instructor

Available Mon-Fri from 7am and alternate Saturday mornings.

Amber is an experienced clinician who regularly manages a variety conditions, however she has a special interest and advanced training in:

  • Musculoskeletal (lower limb) - hips, knees, ankles & tendon issues
  • Musculoskeletal (spine) - headaches and neck pain
  • Obstetrics - pregnancy related pain, abdominal separation, pelvic floor rehab incl preg & postnatal exercise
  • Pelvic Floor - Pregnancy & postnatal, urinary incontinence, pelvic floor friendly exercise
  • Vertigo - vestibular conditions
  • Paediatrics - torticollis & brachio/plagiocephaly


Amber excelled at university, completing her Physiotherapy degree with first class honours at Curtin University. She maintains that commitment to her on-going education, ensuring she is providing the most up-to-date solutions and using evidence-based techniques for her patients.


Amber worked on the various wards at SJOG Hospital in Murdoch and was consistently recognised as an excellent clinician and team leader. She was promoted within SouthCare Physiotherapy and achieved the most senior position of Principal Physiotherapist, managing and mentoring the team of 35 Physiotherapists.


She has vast experience, with a wide range of the community with previous involvement with Perth Glory Women's Soccer team and The Centre for Cerebral Palsy (where she was based for her Honours research). Amber continues to share her education and experience providing mentoring for recently graduated Physiotherapists, as well as supervision of physiotherapy students from both Notre Dame and Curtin University.


Amber has additional qualifications in Dry Needling ('acupuncture') and holds a current WA Radiological Council Laser License. She has professional memberships to the Australian Physiotherapy Association, as well as additional affiliations to their Sports Physiotherapy, Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy, Continence & Women's Health and Physiotherapy Business branches. She is an active member of Sports Medicine Australia, providing lectures for sports trainers and coaches throughout WA.


Amber is also a qualified Clinical Pilates Instructor. She has completed Lifecare's comprehensive post-graduate 500hr (one year) course and has been offerring Pilates as a complete rehabilitaion program for a number of years. She is experienced in providing Pilates for patients with musculoskeletal pain, surgical rehabilitation, postnatal mums, sporting teenagers and those clients wanting to improve their posture and strength.


Amber works closely with our Personal Trainers to assist in planning exercise programs designed by Mint. She is the Clinical Director and a co-founder of Mint WellBeing.



BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy | LifeCare Pilates Instructor Cert (500hrs) | Adv Cert Acupuncture

Professional Memberships:

Sports Medicine Australia  |  Australian Physiotherapy Association  |  Sports Physiotherapy Association  |  Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association


AHPRA Registration | LASER License - Radiation Council of WA | Senior First Aid | Working with Children Check
Consultations are eligible for Private Health Fund rebates. She is also able to treat Worker's Compensation, Motor Vehicle Accident insurance (ICWA) and Department of Veteran's Affairs patients. Amber also treats patients under Medicare's Enhanced Primary Care program (speak to your doctor about Chronic Disease Management).
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