women's personal training


Accelerate your results:

    • experienced Personal Trainers, specialising in women's fitness

    • individually tailored to target your personal goals

    • 30 minute sessions (High Intensity Interval Training)

    • get results - fast!

    • flexible session times - train when it suits your busy life

    • no contracts - train with us because you want to, not because you have to!



Our Studio Sessions (Small Group PT) offer your choice of CardioBlast / BoxFit / TRX / ToneUp / Yoga on our Mon-Sat Timetable. With specialist Women's Personal Trainers and just a maximum of 4 women in each session you'll get the attention you deserve! Flexible online booking options and direct debit available. Starting at just $16.60 per sessions.

Accelerate your results - individuallytailored sessions are designed to target your personal goals. Whether you are just starting out, have plateaued or need to be pushed to keep improving your fitness, our one-to-one sessions are an ideal way to get results.. fast!
At Mint, we create your fitness programs to maximise results - every session will be getting you one step closer to your goal. we remain focused on you and are dedicated to working with you to ensure success. All sessions last for 30 mins. Our trainers use the most up-to-date scientific method of High Intensity Interval Training - so you get outstanding results in just 30 mins! Starting at just $42.50 per session.