urinary frequency

Going to the toilet too often is known as 'Urinary Frequency'. Too many trips to the loo during the night is called 'Nocturia'

It is normal to urinate 5-7 times in a 24 hr period (this varies person to person, and day to day, but is a good general guide). At night you may go once to the toilet, however if you are frequently waking up 2 or more times, your nocturia will be affecting your sleep.

You may be producing too much urine, drinking too much, or drinking bladder irritants. Your bladder might be having trouble storing or emptying urine, or your bladder habits may have interfered with the natural urge and response. This is likely to be affecting your life or causing problems with sleep duration and quality. Our Continence & Women's Health Physio can help you record your bladder activity and determine the cause of your urinary frequency to plan your treatment. 'Self treatment' e.g. reducing water intake may actually make the problem worse (by increasing the concentration of your urine), so be sure to get the right advice for your specific circumstances first.