Stress urinary incontinence

This is the most common type of incontinence (approximately 30% of all incontinence). We often see television advertisements naming it LBL or 'light bladder leakage'. It occurs when bladder pressures or pressures on the bladder are higher than the pressure at your urethra (where you urinate). For example, contraction of your diaphragm when you cough or the forces of gravity and your muscles when you jump.

There are different causes of stress urinary incontinence and it is not only those who have been pregnant. It may be from a condition you were born with, a nervous system injury or disease, bladder changes, pregnancy, giving birth, surgery, obesity (high BMI), long term constipation & straining, frequent high impact exercise (e.g. trampolinist, basketball players) and age.

The good news is you can work with our Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist to make some changes. This will include appropriate pelvic floor exercises specific to your condition and your body. This is the first choice of treatment for stress urinary incontinence - evidence suggests pelvic floor muscle training cures up to 70% of patients!