These outstanding patient education videos by Dr.Mike Evans should be mandatory viewing for us all. Please share with those you care about:







  • Possibly the most important 5 mins of viewing ever. This short video explains what treatment you need to reduce depression, heart failure, diabetes, cancer, arthritis.. Contact us asap if you need help getting this dosage correct..
  • Has one of your children had a CONCUSSION? Please view this:
  • MELANOMA - how to avoid it and how to detect it:
  • Are you having or thinking about undergoing a HIP or KNEE REPLACEMENT?
  • Dr Mike's single most important thing we can do to manage STRESS?
  • Dr Mike Evans' advice for those taking OPIOD medications:
  • If you're trying to quit or encouraging a loved one to give up SMOKING:
  • HPV VACCINE - do you need to get it? And will it reduce your risk of cancer?