Pelvic Organ Prolapse is the descent of your bladder, bowel or uterus.

Prolapse is a common condition treated by our Continence & Women's Health Physiotherapist. Up to 30% of those who have given birth will have a prolapse. You may have no symptoms OR you could have a variety of these common symptoms:
  • pelvic heaviness
  • dragging sensation low in the heaviness
  • bulging
  • incontinence
  • difficulty with urination / defection (starting/needing to strain/incomplete emptying)
  • bladder / urgency or frequency
  • dyspareunia - painful sex

Many women with prolapse can mange their symptoms with our expert Physiotherapist, avoiding surgery. Physio is considered an ideal first choice of treatment and in most instances should trialled prior to considering surgery. If you do require a surgical repair of your prolapse, you will be required to see a Physiotherapist, ideally once before your surgery, then afterwards to manage your rehabilitation and protect the repair.