Pregnancy & Postnatal exercise

Pregnancy Pilates and Postnatal (from 6wks)

MORNING: Tues 830-11am | Thurs 730-11am | Wed 1130-1230am Mums & Bubs
AFTERNOON: Mon 1-2pm  |  Tues & Thurs 3-5pm  |  Fri 1230-130pm
EVENING: Mon & Wed 5-7pm

  • Ideal to strengthen Pelvic Floor, abdominal muscles, pelvic stabilisers and get you ready for motherhood - you can commence at any time during your pregnancy, or as early as 6 weeks postnatally (this advice is strictly for Physio Pilates, not community Pilates classes). Clinical Pilates ('Physio Pilates') is instructed by our Physiotherapists who adapt every session to focus specifically on the needs of your changing body throughout your progressing pregnancy or during your postnatal return to exercise.
  • An Initial Pilates Assessment is required to ensure each session is tailored specifically to the needs of your body. This will also include a Real Time Ultrasound assessment of your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles, ensuring you are contracting correctly. (This applies to both pre and postnatal clients: from 6 weeks postnatal your Initial Pilates Assessment is very different from the 6 week check with your obstetrician or GP. Your doctor is assessing your medical health, whereas our physio's are assessing the strength & capacity of your pelvic floor and abdominal separation. You should see your doctor first, before being reviewed by our Physio's). Your Pelvic Floor will be assessed using Real Time Ultrasound technology and your degree of abdominal separation determined. We'll also assess any other postural issues or ongoing to pain to ensure you get the most from every session.
  • All sessions are 'semi-private' - there may 1 or 2 other women in the studio at the same time, but our experienced instructors program individualised exercises (i.e. this is not a class based format where all participants do the same program).
  • Bring Bub on Thurs after 10am! Babies are more than welcome to this session (30 or 60 mins) - they can stay resting in their prams (or on a mat) in the studio, whilst Mum gets a workout right beside.
  • Flexible online booking and cancellation system - we understand life with a new bub can be busy and sometimes unpredictable! Please provide 12 hrs notice to avoid forfeiting the session.
  • Includes use of our professional Stott Pilates studio equipment: Reformer, Spring Board, Wunda Chair, Spine Corrector, Barrels and Mat exercises (with bands, fit balls, fitness circles etc)
  • Private health fund rebates apply (Physiotherapy item 505).

Studio sessions: Pregnancy friendly

  • our 30 min studio sessions are the most efficient way to keep fit and strong throughout your pregnancy
  • exclusively just 4 women per class, so the exercises are easily adapted by our Personal Trainers who are specifically trained in Pregnancy exercise
  • see our Studio timetable


Studio sessions: 'Mums & Bubs' | Baby & Pelvic Floor Friendly | 2-9mths

  • Bring Bub!
  • Mint has adapted our popular women's fitness sessions for when it's time for you to return to your pre-pregnant body!
  • Enjoy all the fun & intensity of our regular Studio Sessions at exclusive 'baby friendly' times
  • Adapted to ensure the exercises are 'Pelvic Floor friendly' & 'abdominal separation safe'! These sessions are designed to improve fitness and strength; if you require pelvic floor rehab, our physio's will guide you with specific exercises. You can still attend these fitness sessions for your cardiovascular health and muscle toning, but be sure to also do your pelvic floor/abdominal rehab exercises!
  • 30min Personal Training sessions: CardioBlast
  • Just 1-4 women per session
  • Recommended for >8 wks postnatal
  • Included in all our Studio Session packages - prices start from just $16.60 per session!
  • 1030am Mon and Wed (noted with 'BB' on studio timetable).
  • BB = Baby (2-9mths)
  • we highly recommend a postnatal assessment with one of our physiotherapists prior to returning to exercise. This involves a Real Time Ultrasound on your abdomen to see how well your pelvic floor is working and determine the appropriate level of exercise. Any Diastasis ('abdominal separation') will also be reviewed. Unfortunately there are many exercises which can exacerbate a weak pelvic floor, worsening or even creating incontinence and prolapse problems. Having an expert Physiotherapist assess you is the only way to make sure you are exercising safely. Once you have seen one of our expert physio's we can adapt the session to personally suit your body's stage of recovery. Book an Initial Consult with our experienced physiotherapists below.

Personal Training (3 mths+)

  • Bring Bub!
  • One-to-One 30 mins with our experienced Personal Trainer
  • From $42.50 per session
  • Scheduled at a time convenient to you & Bub