Pre-Exercise Health Screen

At Mint we are committed to ensuring all our clients are exercising at their best, and in the safest way possible. Sports Scientists have developed a validated tool which allows us to assess your cardiovascular risk and determine the safest way for you to exercise. This means we are able to accurately predict a safe heart rate value for you to work out. We can measure this intermittently throughout your session ensuring you're training safely (and hard enough!).

All our clients are required to undergo the Adult Pre-Exercise Health Screen prior to attending their first exercise session. This is a series of questions about your health, lifestyle and family medical history; as well as your BMI, waist girth and Blood Pressure measures.

Book your FREE 15 min Health Screen appointment so we can get to know you, your goals and complete your FREE health assessment before your first session. If you'd like to speed up the process on your first day, simply print and complete this form prior to attending Mint Wellbeing.

Please contact us directly to book.

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