Physiotherapy & Breastfeeding

  • Physiotherapists with additional training to manage many aspects of breastfeeding


  • Ultrasound (for blocked ducts / mastitis)


  • LASER (for nipple damage)


  • Neck / shoulder / spine pain


Our Physio's have completed additional training and licensing to safely provide these effective treatments. At Mint we are fortunate to have the whole range of electrotherapeutic treatments available for our clients. 


  • Blocked milk ducts (felt as a lump in the breast) should clear within approx 3 feeds.
  • After this time you should make an appointment asap with our experienced Physiotherapists who will teach you techniques to help at home and treat you with Therapeutic Ultrasound at Mint. This is a safe and painless procedure which helps open the blocked duct and improve milk flow.
  • Caught early, this can prevent Mastitis (an infection requiring antibiotics).
  • Baby can feed immediately post treatment - for maximum effect, Bub should feed or the breast should be pumped within 30-60mins of treatment

    If you already have signs of Mastitis (temperature > 38.5 deg, fever or flu-like symptoms, warm, red), you should see your doctor immediately for antibiotics. You can then commence treatment with our Physio's in 24 hrs.

    Antibiotics attack the infection; coupled with ultrasound therapy your blockage will clear, making it less likely to re-occur, and returning your milk flow to normal.


  • a safe and painless procedure to heal cracked or grazed nipples and reduce pain.
  • The ultraviolet light simply speeds up the body's natural healing process - it literally makes the cells work faster so you can heal better between feeds. It also happens to reduce nipple pain - an added bonus!
  • Bub can feed on their normal schedule anytime after treatment


  • the fastest way to make an appointment is via our website or Mindbody app at any time. However, if you cannot get an appointment on the day, please contact us directly and we will do our best to get treatment started asap. Our Physio's know how effective immediate treatment is, and are happy to be flexible.
Results from both of these treatments can be seen after just one session, however often 2-3 treatments are required (ideally daily). These simple and effective treatments can allow mums to continue breastfeeding - help us spread the word and support breastfeeding mums!