sports injuries & musculoskeletal

Sports Injuries:

Mint Physiotherapists in Nth Fremantle are experienced treating elite athletes, weekend warriors, sporting teenagers through to our more senior athletes. Whether you're training for the next olympics or hoping to get back to social sport, we can get you there faster!
  • Experts at diagnosing and managing sports injuries
  • X-rays, scans etc - we'll determine if imaging is required and can refer you directly
  • Referral directly to a Specialist Sports Physician if required
  • Highly skilled in immediate management (we have 'moon' boots, slings, crutches and braces onsite for those sporting emergencies)
  • Committed to your rehab, utilising the latest research to ensure your injury doesn't happen again

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy:

We have extensive experience treating the varied presentations of musculoskeletal pain. This is pain from muscles, bones or nerves. Our Physiotherapists will:
  • IDENTIFY PAIN: this may be referred pain or from local structures - our Physio's can accurately determine the cause of your pain (much better than 'Dr Google'!). Thorough clinical tests usually allows us to diagnose your problem without the need for imaging; however if xrays or scans are required we can refer you directly.
  • DETERMINE CAUSE: your pain may be caused by prolonged postures, overactivity, inactivity, joint degeneration, how you move, weak muscles, tight muscles, load management etc. Our Physiotherapists use extensive biomechanical knowledge to analyse your problem and determine the contributing factors.
  • RESOLVE PAIN: using manual therapy techniques (joint mobilisations, muscle release, nerve glides, muscle activation techniques), taping or bracing
  • SELF-MANAGEMENT: teach you how best to manage your condition eg load management, stretches, specific self-treatment eg foam roller, heat/ice
  • RE-EDUCATE YOUR BODY TO REDUCE RE-OCCURRENCE: often includes specific strength rehab exercises and posture management

We can help you!

  • Spine pain physiotherapy (including back & neck) - acute or chronic
  • Headache physiotherapy - many headaches are cervicogenic (meaning originating from structures in the neck). Mint physic's can quickly determine if your headaches will respond to treatment.
  • Arthritis physiotherapy - osteoarthritis and the various inflammatory arthropathies (e.g. Rheumatoid)
  • 'Pinched nerves' - Radiculopathies or nerve pain, e.g. sciatic or commonly associated with arm pain and hand pins & needles or numbness
  • Ankle & Foot pain - ligament sprains, arthritis, plantar fasciitis
  • Knee pain - ACL / PCL / MCL / LCL rehab, meniscus injuries, dislocations, Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome, Patella tendinopathy 'jumper's knee', ITB Friction Syndrome 'runner's knee' 
  • Hip pain - Greater Trochanteric Pain Syndrome (this encompasses 'bursitis' and gluteal tendinopathies), labral tears, arthritis
  • Shoulder pain - rotator cuff tears, shoulder dislocation rehab, AC Joint sprains
  • Elbow pain - 'tennis elbow' & 'golfers elbow' (most common in people who don't play tennis or golf!), elbow dislocation rehab
  • Tendinopathies (previously known as 'tendinitis') - we are up-to-date on the groundbreaking research for treating tendinopathies. In most cases a well managed tendon problem can avoid cortisone injections! Even if you've already had an injection, you must change the biomechanics that caused the problem in the first place. Otherwise unfortunately, it's likely to return. Common sites for tendinopathies include: achilles, hamstring, gluteal, adductors, peroneals, biceps, rotator cuff, 'tennis elbow', 'golfer's elbow'.
  • the 'sporting spine' pain - common in cricketers, rowers, hockey players and dancers, teenage back pain
  • 'growing pains' - should always be assessed to determine whether they are masquerading as an underlying problem.

Our Physiotherapists also expertly treat:
Pregnancy  |  Children & Teens  |  Pelvic Floor  |  Vertigo