Men's Health

Our continence trained physiotherapist Liz can help you to identify your pelvic floor muscles and how to contract them properly. The pelvic floor muscles are an important group of muscles in men too, they assist with continence, erectile function and management of pelvic pain.

Male incontinence:

Problems with the ‘water works’ in men tend to increase with age; 3-5% in middle aged and young men, 11-34% in older men. You may find yourself with: 

  • Urgency (rushing to go to the toilet and problems holding on)
  • Frequency (going to the toilet all the time) 
  • Nocturia (going to the toilet more than 2x night)
  • Incontinence (leaking urine)
  • Hesitancy when trying to go to toilet
  • Weak stream and straining
  • Intermittent flow (stop start)
  • Incomplete emptying (going back to toilet to finish off)
  • Post micturition dribbling (a little bit more coming out after you have finished)

Prostate surgery

It is also very common, if not expected, to have some incontinence after surgery for prostate. TURP and radical prostatectomy are the most common surgeries. If you are having surgery on your prostate, it is recommended you come in prior to having surgery to begin your pelvic floor exercises and learn more about what to expect. 

Urine leakage can be reduced by learning how to exercise the pelvic floor muscles correctly. We can also discuss your plan for good bladder and bowel habits and return to activity after surgery.