core assessment

Who needs a 'core 'assessment? YOU!
  • anyone who wants to or is currently doing abdominal exercises
  • those with pelvic / hip / low back pain
  • pregnant & postnatal women
  • anyone with a 'weak bladder'
What is your 'core'? Are you overactive, underactive, does it impact your function? Does it even matter??

Our experienced Mint Physiotherapists have completed advanced training to become highly skilled with our Real Time Ultrasound technology. This is an ultrasound on your abdomen, where we can see your pelvic floor and other deep abdominal muscles. The term 'core' is often used to mean just the superficial 6 pack abdominal musculature, but your 'core' actually includes lots of other, perhaps more important muscles; including the deeper abdominals, pelvic floor, members of the gluteal family, hip flexors, adductors and trunk muscles.

Did you know, 1 in 2 who are doing 'core' or 'ab' exercises are doing them wrong - and may well be making any problems worse, or setting themselves up for future issues!

We can expertly assess if you're using these muscles appropriately and also whether they are contributing to any of your 'conditions' e.g. hip or back pain, pelvic floor dysfunction (incontinence, pelvic pain, prolapse), abdominal separation (post pregnancy), hernia etc

The current literature and pain science is now very clear - not everyone needs to 'up-train' their core musculature - in fact many people with recurrent low back pain are OVERACTIVE in some of these muscles. Basically, every body is different. And sometimes you may think you're doing exercises to help, but in fact you may be doing more harm than good. The best way is to undergo a specific assessment from an expert Physiotherapist at Mint, who can guide you towards normal, appropriate movement that meets the needs of your daily life