Introducing.. "Mint Menu"

                                                         GET THE RESULTS YOU DESERVE!                                                                   If you need a quick and effective weight loss plan, or are just wanting to improve your nutrition, our 4 weeks programs are for you. This is a step-by-step, week-by-week, meal-by-meal, 'can't go wrong' plan! This is not just tips and general advice about healthy eating. Every meal, every snack is planned for you - every day for 4 weeks! You don't need to count calories - simply choose the meals you & your family like to eat. And there's plenty of flexibility, even option for when you just can't be bothered & 'cheat' meals too! Choose this quick & easy-to-follow menu, to create a healthier you.

You can eat your way to a healthier you in 3 easy steps:
 Step 1: FAT BLASTER                                                                             
  • Kick-start your weight loss regime today
  • You will drop kgs - fast!
  • 1200-1300cal daily
  • You can choose to end your journey here, but for long term permanent weight loss, steps 2 & 3 will guarantee success
 Step 2: WEIGHT LOSS                                                                           
  • Calories specifically tailored to your goals and your body (we calculate your specific Basal Metabolic Rate from information provided on this form)
  • You will steadily continue to lose weight, without inducing 'starvation mode'
  • All your favourite meals from step 1, plus loads more!
  • You can stay in this stage until you meet your goal weight
 Step 3: MAINTENANCE - KEEP IT OFF!                                                                 
  • Calories specifically tailored to your body to ensure the weight stays off!
  • Designed to maintain your goal weight - no more yo-yo dieting
  • Stay healthy long term and keep using ideas from this stage forever!
 Have you ever started a 'diet' and lacked motivation to continue? You will get quick results with step 1, encouraging you to continue to choose your healthy future.
 Have you ever 'dieted' successfully for a while, then plateaued? Eating too few calories over a long period, slows your metabolism, as your body adjusts to the restricted intake. Step 2 ensures you continue to steadily lose kgs and reach your goal weight.
 Have you ever 'dieted' successfully, but eventually put the weight back on when you started eating 'normally' again? By the time you complete step 3, your eating habits will be completely overhauled - you will crave healthy foods to fuel your body and will be completely in control of your eating. At Mint, we don't believe in short term dieting - lifestyle changes happen when we are educated about our body's needs and are provided with healthy options. And we know no-one wants to count calories.. let us do all the counting and you can focus on eating delicious, nutritious, fresh food!
What's the science?? Research shows a 1200 calorie intake is the minimum requirement for the basic functions of the body - your brain, heart and breathing are amongst the important processes which all require energy.  However, your height, weight, gender and daily activity all play an important role in determining your daily calorie requirement (your basal metabolic rate = BMR), ie the amount you can eat without gaining weight. So by simply sticking to a calorie plan which is below your daily BMR needs, you will actually start to lose weight - just by changing your eating habits. Of course exercise will speed up this process and is definitely required to maintain your general health and metabolism.
- 35 yo female, weighs 73kg (healthy) & is 176cm tall
- requires 2350 calories to lead a 'moderately active' lifestyle, without gaining weight.
How would she lose weight?
1850 calories per day, for our moderately active female above, means that every day she is consuming 500 less calories. Over a week, this equals 3500 calories LESS than what is required to maintain her weight.
So what will she actually lose??
It's important to know:
1lb of weight = 3500 calories 
i.e. she would lose almost half a kg per week, just by following her specific 1850 calorie healthy eating plan! This is a safe weight loss that she is likely to keep off longterm.

Exercising (ie burning more calories) would ensure she lost even more!

How do I get my very own 4 week Mint Menu?
You can get started today with your 4 Week Fat Blaster - just make your purchase and we will email the program directly to you - today. When you are ready to move on to the next step ('Weight Loss'), simply fill in this form so we can provide the specific program you require to meet your needs. When you reach your weight goal, update the form and we will again provide the easy to follow 'Maintenance' program specifically required by your body. Our menu's range from 1200-2200cals; you can easily add in extra healthy snacks if you need more, because you are doing a lot of exercise.

Then simply follow the program and enjoy feeling better than ever!

What's included?
Your 4 x weekly meal plans
Your 4 x weekly shopping lists
3 meals and 3 snacks daily
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snack recipes for each tasty meal
A 'quick ideas' meal guide (for when you just can't be bothered)
Between 60 and 80 tasty and nutritious recipes, including snacks and main meals (with at least 40 new recipes in each stage!)
Tips and tricks to keep you motivated, including the strategic use of a 'cheat' meal to keep cravings at bay.


A healthy balance of protein, carbs, and good fats has been calculated for you in this Dietician approved menu - this isn't a fad, just good old fashioned healthy eating.  We now know that weight is a predictor of disease - it is very important to maintain a healthy weight throughout your life. Being middle-aged and just 10kg heavier than you were in your 20s increases your risk of cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, stroke, high blood pressure) and diabetes. And if you are obese (BMI > 30), these are just some of the chronic conditions associated with your weight:
  • Some cancers including breast, endometrial and colon cancer
  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure
  • Musculoskeletal problems such as osteoarthritis and back pain
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Stress incontinence
  • Insulin resistance
  • Type 2 diabetes (non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus)
  • Gall bladder disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Gout
  • Cataracts
  • Sleep apnoea
Each 4 week program is just $39 
...or guarantee your success and invest in all three steps for just $99
What can I expect when I invest in my 4 week healthy eating program?
Of course you would like to know what sorts of foods you'll be eating, will you like them and how much time you'll have to spend preparing your Mint Menu. Well here's a sneak peek, so you know exactly how tasty and easy to prepare these meals are. You really could make them for the whole family.. Click on each picture below for a preview:
 There's so many 'diets' out there - how do I know what's right for me?
At Mint our food philosophy is simple:
  • DON'T DIET!! Healthy living is a part of your life - these programs are designed to guide you towards choosing the right foods, forever.
  • use fresh, seasonal, high quality ingredients
  • protein is important - but so are good carbs and good fats!
  • avoid processed foods - 'make your own' wherever possible
  • eat 'clean' - let's do our bit for the environment and choose local produce, which hasn't been packed and travelled. Your local Farmer's Market is a good place start
  • always choose wholewheat
  • and did we mention.. avoid processed foods! No-one ever became obese eating fresh fruit and veggies!!


What are you waiting for?? Start your nutrition program today!