hall of fame (retired 2013)

How do you measure up to our mint champions??
Every six weeks we complete fitness testing to monitor your progress and ensure we are able to tailor our sessions to meet women's goals. We measure cardiovascular endurance, upper limb, lower limb & core strength. The testing is completed in one session, in the order below.
Our Mint participants continue to exceed our expectations, with the following women holding Mint records:
  • 2km time trial:                         8m 59s       Sherrie BDP     [April 2013]
  • continuous push ups on toes:             70       Sherrie BDP     [April 2013]
  • isometric squat (wall):                 14m 35s    Rebecca Mc   [Feb 2012]
  • isometric squat (no wall):            3m 4s        Sherrie BDP     [April 2013]
  • plank hold:                               5m 17s      Sherrie BDP      [Nov 2012]
Congratulations! These are outstanding results. Keep up the good work!