BABIES, children & teenagers

Baby's Development

Our experienced Senior Physiotherapist has undergone additional training to help with all your baby's developmental needs.

Amber's interest in Paediatric Physiotherapy was sparked early in her career when the completed her Honours thesis with The Centre for Cerebral Palsy. She has since worked in all areas of Physiotherapy and is now seeing a growing number of children with mild developmental needs, as she treats many new mothers too. the most common conditions seen in our practice include: plagiocephaly & brachiocephaly ('flat head'), torticollis (where babies have a preference for turning their head to one side, because one side is stronger than the other) and babies having difficulty keeping up with their motor milestones e.g. poor head control, sitting, crawling etc

Sports injuries, postural problems and 'growing pains'

Our Physiotherapists are experienced with caring for children and teenagers. We can treat sporting injuries, postural problems and 'growing pains'. Common conditions treated at Mint Wellbeing include:
  • Sports injuries - sprained ankles, knees, shoulder & patella dislocations, ACL rupture (and post-surgical rehab)
  • Overuse & growth related conditions: Osgood Schlatters (knee pain), 'Jumper's knee' (patella tendinopathy), Sever's (achilles / heel pain)
  • Spine & postural pain - neck & shoulder, upper or lower back pain

IMPORTANT: If a child is complaining of ongoing pain, it is important to get an accurate diagnosis. Some 'growing pains' require further investigation and may be symptoms of a more serious condition. Once we diagnose your child's condition, most childhood pains can be well managed with manual therapy, stretches and exercises. Our Physiotherapists are trained to diagnose children's pain; they know when it's appropriate to have X-rays / imaging and when to refer your child to a doctor or paediatrician for appropriate management.

Incontinence & Constipation

Children with incontinence (bed wetting or daytime 'accidents') or paediatric constipation can be effectively managed by our expert Continence Physiotherapist. 

Personal Training for teenage girls

Mint recognisies the importance of keeping children active and promoting the positive role of exercise, particular for teenage girls. For this reason, we welcome teenage girls to train in our studio.

Children are constantly growing and their bodies developing. It's important we recognise and respect this, by training them in a slightly different way to adults. Mint WellBeing adheres to the guidelines issued by Sports Medicine Australia for teenagers participating in exercise training. For a copy of the guidelines, visit SMA's website here.

  • Studio Sessions - available to girls aged 12 and over when accompanied by a parent/guardian
  • Studio Sessions - available to girls aged 16 and over, unaccompanied.
  • Personal Training - individualised session available to children of any age.

Parental permission required for all types of training.

If your child has a specific injury, or training requirement, please make an appointment to see our physiotherapist for an appropriate diagnosis and to create beneficial training guidelines for your child.