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Is all the hype about ‘sitting is the new smoking’ really true??

New research results of 850 000 participants has shown those who sit for 8 hrs/ day (incl your work, commute, meal times, couch time etc) have:
 !!! 32% higher cardiovascular risk
 !!! 21% higher cancer risk

✅ These two specific risks are reduced in those who sit for only 4 hrs AND engage in some moderate intensity activity daily (increase your heart rate for anywhere from 5-65mins).

We understand that it’s not so simple and sometimes sitting may not be avoidable.. and that’s ok too!
⚠️ However, if you must sit for > 8hrs, you too have the opportunity to negate the detrimental effects, but you must complete >65 mins of moderate intensity exercise daily.

With all this great new research about specific risk factors, it can sometimes get confusing knowing how much exercise you need to do. The best advice is always to meet the national guidelines (below), which are based on all the great research for all different conditions; then consider what your own week looks like and start prioritising more movement and less sitting.

Remember - the Australian Guidelines for general health:
✅ 150mins moderate cardio (or 75mins high intensity) per week AND
✅ 2 x strength sessions

But perhaps it’s wise we all limit sitting for only 4hrs a day as well!


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