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A recent trial in 4 Melbourne Emergency Departments has shown Acupuncture to be highly effective when pain relief is required. Patients who presented with ankle sprains, sore backs and migraines were given either medication only, acupuncture only or acupuncture and medication combined. The results showed all patients reported comparable reductions in pain levels (with acupuncture even yielding the same results as drugs such Endone, Panadeine Forte, Valium & Voltaren). This is exciting research and great news for people who are either not able to take medications or suffer from the side effects.

Practitioners using dry needling should be highly skilled and have appropriate training, registration and insurance, as there are certainly some risks if acupuncture is performed inappropriately.

Mint Physio Amber has completed 3 acupuncture courses (including two Advanced courses) and is a highly experienced physiotherapist who can assess your needs to determine if Acupuncture would benefit you.