How old is your body? Are you 'young for your years' or is your body older than you actually are? An in-depth analysis of your metabolic, physical and behavioural health will provide your biological age.  
This technology is leading the way in evaluating how well you're doing for your age. It is being used globally to identify potential health risks and provide motivation towards all aspects of healthy living. Recently, this has also been used to assess 'The Biggest Loser' contestants.
Mint's BioAge assessors will perform a number of measures to calculate your body’s age. BioAge research has isolated those measures which have the greatest impact on longevity (ie how long your body will live!). These include clinical testing such as blood pressure, lung function, cholesterol and blood sugar levels. We will also assess your physical capacity with flexibility, endurance, strength and fitness measures. Additionally, your health behaviours, nutrition and stress levels will be considered.
You will receive a comprehensive report detailing the current biological age of your body - most importantly, the Mint team are then able to guide you towards changes required to get your body back on track.
Anyone can undergo BioAge testing. It is highly recommended for all individuals to assess and enhance your body’s health. BioAge is not designed to replace your regular check-ups with your doctor – it is a tool to analyse what life changes would impact your biological health.
Preferably in the morning. For the metabolic testing (blood sugar and triglyceride levels) you are required to fast (only consuming water) for 9 hours prior – this is most easily done overnight. We can test you prior to eating breakfast so you need not skip any meals!
Mint WellBeing - 4/210 Queen Victoria St, North Fremantle.
A private consultation with our state-of-the-art equipment at our brand new studio.
Initial (1 hr consult) - $150 per person  | $250 for two people assessed at the same extended appointment
Follow up (30mins)*  - $95
*A follow-up appointment is ideal to see how your lifestyle changes are positively influencing your BioAge eg you might overhaul your nutrition plan or start an exercise program; you can undergo follow-up assessment to appreciate which BioAge factors are being improved. NB: You are not required to have a follow-up if you choose not to.
If you have any further enquiries or wish to book a BioAge test please contact
Mint WellBeing: or phone 0467 676 140
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